About ME

I was born in Kaohsiung, south of Taiwan, and have studied for a master of business administration until 2005 at the university of Applied Sciences in Würzburg/Schweinfurt, Germany. Now I work as a housewife and a hobby painter.


What I Do

Most of my paintings are acrylic.

Who I Am

My Work

I have switched to acrylic painting in 2012.

Past Exhibitions

28 September 2021-28 February 2022
Kolping Akademie Würzburg, Germany 

12 October 2019 Stadtteil Zentrum Kitzingen Frauentag, Germany

2019 May-June       Sparkasse Gallery Kitzingen, Germany

(Vernissage 28 September 2021 um 19 pm)

2019  July-August   Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

2019 Jan-Mar              Stadtteilzentrum Kitzingen- Siedlung, Germany

2017 Sep -now            “Zum Benediktiner” Gasthaus and Hotel,  Schwarzbach  am

2017 Nov- 2018 Jan   Sparkasse Gallery Kitzingen, Germany

2017 May- Aug           “Seiler” Piano GmbH Kitzingen Germany

2016 Jan- Dec              Supermarket “KummRei” Buchbrunn Germany

Current Exhibitions

18.05. – 21.05.2023

Casteller Schossparktage

Get in touch

Don’t hesitate in reaching out via mail or follow my instagram: