The Five Industrial Revolutions

Acryl paintings 100x100cm

Figure 1. Industry 1.0 Steaming cloud in the blue sky

The first Industrial Revolution in the 18th century transformed production through the use of steam power and mechanization.

Figure 2. Industry 2.0 electricity in the glaring light

The second industrial revolution started in the 19th century with the discovery of electricity and assembly line production.

Figure 3. Industry 3.0 circuits of a microcontroller

The invention of controllable controllers and computers in the 1970s initiated the third industrial revolution.

Figure 4. Industry 4.0 communication in networks

The fourth industrial revolution describes networks of cyber-physical systems, the Internet of Things (IoT).

Figure 5. Industry 5.0 cooperation and interaction

The fifth industrial revolution is driven by artificial intelligence and the (secure) interaction between humans and AI.

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